Linux Role Playing Games
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Linux Role Playing Games

Below are a few screen shots, and a list of games in the Role Playing section:




Adonthell is a role playing game in development that aims to combine the best features of the Final Fantasy and Ultima series with an epic plot. It is set in a detailed virtual world. With the current engine, a small demo game (Waste's Edge) is available.
Angband is a single-player rogue-like dungeon exploration game that runs on a wide variety of computer systems.
Dark Lands is a multiplayer RPG made fully with ANSI graphics. The source code is in Pascal. Currently, this game has probably no point except exploring the areas and killing monsters. It can be used as a BBS door game.
Deity is a 2D role playing game using Gtk+ and Imlib2. Its aim is to give complete freedom to the player in an autonomous world. Quests and strategical events are randomly generated, depending on the player's actions.
Dungeon Crawl is a fun game in the grand tradition of Rogue, Hack, and Moria. Your objective is to travel deep into a subterranean cave complex and retrieve the Orb of Zot, which is guarded by many horrible and hideous creatures.
Exult is an open-source game engine for playing Ultima7 on modern operating systems, using the game's original data files.
Ferox is a small MUD client for Linux based on the Qt library. It has full ANSI support, user defined triggers/keybindings, and a simple scripting interface for configuration.
Gee Whiz is a game in the same style of Wizardry(tm). Wizardry is a role playing game by Sir-Tech Ltd. that takes place in a two dimensional maze rendered from a first person perspective.
glHack is a full-screen OpenGL port of the NetHack game (version 3.3.1). It uses LibSDL and runs under Linux.
Hero Wars implements the core rules of Issaries Inc.'s RPG System. It supports the creation and storage of character sheets (including keywords) and has rudimentary support for networked play. It requires one person to be a narrator/game master and one or more players.
Iter Vehemens Ad Necem (IVAN) is a graphical roguelike game, which currently runs in Windows, DOS, and Linux. Its most innovative parts at the moment are its material handling system and its lighting system.
Jabytad is a fantasy role playing game using Java. Actions are turn-based, but the concepts resemble Diablo.
Kwirk is an RPG in development that uses ClanLib.
Majik 4 is a project to create a truly intriguing roleplaying environment to the internet. It is intended to become a believable and captivating roleplaying game with a strict fantasy theme. By mixing elements from roguelikes and MUDs but keeping roleplaying on top of things, Majik aims to be not just a game but a world of its own.
MyRPG is a simple turn-based graphical RPG video game.
OpenRPG is an Internet application that allows people to play paper-and-dice role-playing games over the Internet.
Pertergrin is a fantasy RPG system. It lets you create or improve a world, towns, items, etc. using an editor.
phpRPG is a multiplayer fantasy role-playing game driven by PHP and MySQL, with aims to develop a Web-based game engine which shares common qualities between multiple user dungeons (MUDs), paper & pen RPGs, and computer RPGs.
Survival of the Fittest is a post-apocalypse Web-based RPG based the paper and dice role-playing game deadEarth. This package comes with everything you need to get up and running with your own SotF server.
Umbra is a simple computer role-playing game, written in Python. The world is randomly-generated for new play every time, but there is an eventual goal and storyline. It was heavily influenced by rogue-like games, Alternate Reality, console RPGs, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith.
ZAngband is a single-player rogue-like dungeon exploration game that runs on a wide variety of computer systems.

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