Linux Distribution Guide

As a benefit to the source code for the Linux kernel being freely distributed, a number of companies have developed their own "distribution" (or "flavour") of Linux. Each of these distributions has its own feature set, so below are brief descriptions of each to let you choose which one is right for you.

We sell the latest stable releases of each Distribution, so you're always up to date.
Redhat 8.0  :  5 CDs : £11.00 Order Online   Print Order  
Red Hat Linux has combined Performance and Flexibility to become a market-leading, trusted Linux distribution. Redhat keeps up on all bugs and updates them very quickly. It is also very easily installed using RPM (Red Hat Package Management). All of this makes Redhat our most popular distribution.
Mandrake 9.0  :  3 CDs : £7.00 Order Online   Print Order  
Mandrake Linux was created in 1998 with the goal of making Linux easier to use for everyone. At that time, Linux was already well-known as a powerful and stable operating system that demanded strong technical knowledge and extensive use of the "command line"; MandrakeSoft saw this as an opportunity to integrate the best graphical desktop environments and contribute its own graphical configuration utilities and quickly became famous for setting the standard in ease-of-use and functionality.
Debian 3.0r0  :  7 CDs : £15.00 Order Online   Print Order  
Debian is updated and maintained through the work of many users who volunteer their efforts. Extensive pre-release testing is done to ensure the highest degree of reliability possible, and a publicly accessible bug tracking system provides an easy way to monitor customer feedback. Along with its large selection of prepackaged software it contains advanced package management tools that allow for easy installation and maintenance on individual systems and workstation clusters.
FreeBSD 4.7  :  4 CDs : £8.00 Order Online   Print Order  
FreeBSD offers advanced networking, performance, security and compatibility features today which are still missing in other operating systems, even some of the best commercial ones. FreeBSD also makes an ideal Internet or Intranet server. It provides robust network services, even under the heaviest of loads, and uses memory efficiently to maintain good response times for hundreds, or even thousands, of simultaneous user processes.
Slackware 8.1  :  1 CD : £2.50 Order Online   Print Order  
Slackware is an advanced Linux operating system, designed with the twin goals of ease of use and stability as top priorities. Including the latest popular software while retaining a sense of tradition, providing simplicity and ease of use alongside flexibility and power, Slackware brings the best of all worlds to the table.
Gentoo 1.2  :  1 CD : £2.50 Order Online   Print Order  
Gentoo Linux is a versatile and fast Linux distribution that's geared towards Linux power users. Unlike other distros, Gentoo Linux has an advanced package management system called Portage. Portage is a true ports system in the tradition of BSD ports, but is Python-based and sports a number of advanced features including dependencies, fine-grained package management, "fake" (OpenBSD-style) installs, path sandboxing, safe unmerging, system profiles, virtual packages, config file. Smooth and Sleek.
SuSE 8.1  :  1 CD : £2.50 Order Online   Print Order  
SuSE is the leading distribution of Linux in Europe. SuSE Linux has set new standards for quality and ease of use, offering the most comprehensive packages of Linux-based applications. SuSE's world-class customer services and support has made it the #1 choice for European businesses.SuSE is quickly gaining popularity among seasoned professionals and newcomers alike.